2020 World Madam Competition and events Grand Operning

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One step for madam, One step for the world夫人一小步,世界一大步
The press conference of the World MadamCompetition series activies was held on Beijing Time August 31st, 2020 in Canada, United States and China in 3 locations by VR technology. This competition and series activies is sponsored by World Madam Foundation and operated by World Madam Group. All presidents and guests from 31 countries and regions  around the world took active participation in various ways.
Co-sponsored by United Nations Global Leaders Association, International Pageant Association, World Women’s Federation Association, the World Madam, a brand new, specification, globally competition and events has been fully supported.
 Anni Huang, the Global Chairwomen of the competition, World Madam Foundation founder and Chairwomen of World Madam Group, made the keynote speech.
Global Executive Chairmen, Lisa Chen from U.S., gave a welcome speech. Co-founders, Grace Zhao from New York, Cady Xu from Canada, and Jenny Hoon from Malaysia, and Global Image ambassador Laura Weissbecker, also delivered speeches from different places.
来自美国的全球执行主席Lisa Chen致欢迎词,全球形象大使Laura Weissbecker发来祝贺,联合发起单位代表来自美国的Grace Zhao、 加拿大的Cady Xu以及马来西亚的Jenny Hoon也分别进行了连线致辞。
After that,the launching celemonery was held by VR technology.
随后,世界夫人大赛系列活动通过VR 技术举行了启动仪式。
After the press conference, the Grobal Director Anthony from Canada, took a interview with media. “ Due today, there are 31 countries has been authorized and they will complete the event following the schedule and format. The Global Final will be held tentatively in Macau in January 2021.” Anthony said.



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