Huawei embraces all-intelligence strategy

来源:   时间:2023-09-21 09:44:27

Huawei Technologies Co said on Wednesday that it is committed to building a solid computing base for China and building a second choice for the world, as it embraces an all-intelligence strategy.

Meng Wanzhou, rotating chairwoman and chief financial officer of Huawei, said at Huawei Connect 2023 in Shanghai that computing power is the core driving force for the development of artificial intelligence. Large language models require big computing power, which determines the speed of AI iteration and innovation, and even the speed of economic development.

Now, the scarcity and high cost of computing power have become the core factors constraining the development of AI, Meng said.

Computing power roughly refers to the ability to process data. It includes information infrastructure and technologies to support information computing power, data storage and network capacity.

According to Meng, the goal of Huawei's all-intelligence strategy is to accelerate the intelligent transformation of thousands of industries, making all things interconnected, all applications modelable, and all decisions computable.




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